Increasing Number Of Homeless Families in USA

Published on by Elizabet Conti

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Just twenty five years ago, it was rare to hear that any family was homeless, but the economic scenario in USA has changed in these past 7 years. Now families are the largest as well as the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the country. Since the Great Depression the recent economic recession has been the worst, putting many families on the streets, and they find no other place to go except turning up in homeless shelters. Click for

It’s been estimated that due to the failing economy at least 4 out of every 10 families have been left homeless. The statistics also shows that 4 out every 50 children live in homeless shelters. Families living in homeless shelters with children going to school have done their best to pay the school fees, (so that their children can continue their education and have chance for a better life) but it’s not easy.

Families those are living in Homeless Shelters also find that staying with so many other people, who are in the same situation and are equally frustrated, can be quite strenuous. One out of every five families living in such shelter have found themselves in a situation where they have to contend with others over the very basic items needed for day to day living. At least 1 out of every four families living in homeless shelters have seen their jobs disappear due to the terrible economy, and are now living on welfare. As such families couldn’t pay the rent so the landlord refused to allow them to stay in their property; they invariably found themselves looking for shelter. A recent estimation also revealed that the number of homeless families have been growing at an alarming extent, i.e. 15 percent per year.

The most common observation regarding homeless families is the disbelief regarding their homeless situation. Many ask the question “How could this have happened to us”? It is really traumatic for homeless children of as young as eight years, as they don’t want their friends to know they are no longer living in their own. A sense of stigma has always been associated to being homeless. But the economic recession has left many families with no choice, and this situation is becoming alarmingly common in most states across the USA. Children of those families who are living in shelters also see their school grades dropping! The statistics shows that children observe a massive 20 percent drop in proficiency of Math and English, only a quarter of all the homeless shelters families’ children graduate from high school.

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